Election coverage should empower voters.

It’s time to get started on your newsroom’s strategy for covering 2020 elections. At Hearken, we’ve helped more than 50 newsrooms improve their election reporting, reach a broader audience, and increase engagement. Want to see what we mean? Read more about our work: public-powering the election cycle and engaging local audiences around elections.

Your coverage is absolutely critical to help your audience make well-informed choices at the polls that leads to better governance.
That's why Hearken is pairing up with The Membership Puzzle Project, Jay Rosen and Trusting News to provide hands-on support for creating engaged elections coverage. 

You can start by downloading our free citizens agenda guide to design your approach to elections coverage.
Citizens Agenda Guide cover
Download the Citizens Agenda Guide
Through our training, audience engagement strategy and technology, your reporters and your newsroom will learn how to:
  • Discover your audience’s most pressing information needs related to your elections (aka the “citizens agenda” if you follow Jay Rosen’s work)
  • Customize relevant and useful election and voter guides
  • Build events that you *know* address the concerns of the people in and outside of the room
  • Identify audience interests ahead of forums, events and interviews with candidates
  • Look beyond the horse race to more deeply understand which campaign issues are important in your community
The outcomes for your organization include:
  • Increase impact through high-quality, responsive stories
  • Pinpoint the most effective strategies for using your existing resources to broaden coverage
  • Differentiate coverage from other outlets
  • Grow your in-market audience
  • Earn trust through your reporting up to and on Election Day
  • Boost revenue through translating engagement into qualified email leads for your subscribers or membership pipeline
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Southern California Public Radio had great success collecting questions from the audience ahead of a town hall with candidates for governor.

“As part of the gubernatorial town hall, we turned to Hearken to connect with community members about the questions they had for the candidates. More than 1,100 people responded with questions and I see concentrations in neighborhoods outside of our traditional listenership.”

Ashley Alvarado Director of Community Engagement, Southern California Public Radio

NHPR's use of Hearken for its "Only in NH" project "has led to a *lot* of in-depth reporting about politics and policy, but the Hearken questions have provided a new way in to those stories, and as a result, they've gotten a lot more engagement.

"(Our podcast) Civics 101 has won the station a six-figure grant, as well as creating an advertising revenue stream. It has also greatly expanded our station's reach when it comes to audio content produced here in NH."

Rebecca Lavoie Digital Director, New Hampshire Public Radio

rebecca NHPR

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The Better Government Association sought to engage “community members as colleagues in directing and informing coverage of elections.” Through Hearken efforts around two elections (fall 2018 statewide election, and spring 2019 citywide election), the newsroom has reached that goal.

“Most important in our success so far has been to conceptualize and shape the What the Gov series (with our audience!) to be the user-generated complementary to our existing coverage.”

Mia Sato Engagement Editor, Better Government Association

mia sato