Community matters.

Being an audience engagement evangelist is hard. We’re often standing on our own (or in a small team) to make the case for informing and serving the public directly.

Well guess what? You’re not alone! There are so many people who are geeked about community engagement and informing the public just as much as you are, and you can connect with them right here.

Hearken has launched a new digital community of engagement innovators!

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You probably already know this about Hearken, but we’re all about relationship-building, helping individuals and organizations connect with each other, and seeing people as partners rather than consumers. The way we think about you is no different.

In this community, you will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, share engagement best practices and success stories, and gain insights on how to tackle challenges you're facing. This membership program will include the following:
  • A Slack community with monthly activities
  • A monthly newsletter with REAL TAKEAWAYS (we will pair best practices with action items you can implement in your own work)
  • A library of webinars that you can access when it’s convenient for you
  • Hand-picked resources that give you insights on the public-powered process
  • Real-world examples from the best in the industry
  • A discounted ticket to our inaugural IRL event
  • The option to get 1:1 coaching from Hearken team members and a personalized professional development plan.
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As someone coming from a newsroom without an existing Hearken partnership, I found the provided resources on audience engagement best practices incredibly helpful. On top of that, the ability to connect with other people in real time and gather feedback on how to best include the public in my work was invaluable and immediately impacted projects I was working on.

Danika Worthington The Denver Post


meredith-1Meet your community manager

she'll help you every step along the way!

Meredith Turk, an engagement strategist and Hearken's industry partnerships lead, will be your go-to supporter throughout your Hearken membership. She will help you brainstorm ideas, troubleshoot problems and generally geek out about the exciting new things happening in the audience engagement world!

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I want our newsroom to create stories with reader engagement prioritized first, not last. It's important for us to make that decision initially when we approach a story and consider it an "input," to planning and process, not an "output" of production. So, being a part of this community of like-minded journalists is helping me learn where others are finding success with audience engagement and development, so I can be a better manager and leader. I want to break down walls of "traditional journalism" and make sure audience has a say from the start. Seeing group members in this community implement that audience-first approach has inspired me.

Dustin Leed The Reading Eagle

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The potential for personal growth and career acceleration are incredibly important and being a part of this community is helping me learn from the best in the industry so I can achieve my goals of making audience engagement a regular part of my job as a reporter.

Tracy Geibel Richland Source

Tracy1 (1)
Shouldn't this be free? We would love to offer becoming a Hearken member for free, but the truth is that starting a community comes with costs. There are not only costs to actively manage the community, but also to make sure we consistently develop resources that are relevant and share Hearken's expertise. That being said, we have done our best to make this community as accessible and affordable for everyone. 

What's the difference between level one and two? Level two contains four coaching sessions throughout the year with a Hearken team member, as well as a personalized professional development plan. Level one does not contain these coaching sessions or a personalized plan. 

How long does a subscription last? One year.

Can I pay monthly? Unfortunately, we do not accept monthly payments.

Are there any group or bulk rates? If you would like to purchase 10 or more membership subscriptions for a discounted rate, please reach out to

What's the cancellation policy? You can cancel at anytime by sending an email to at least 10 days before your subscription renewal date. 

What is the refund policy? Due to the nature of digital services and products, this offering can not be refunded. 

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